From all of us at Inspired Opinions, and Schlesinger Associates, we’d like to wish you all a Happy Fourth of July!

Blog Question of the Week

This week we’d like to hear what your plans are to celebrate the Fourth of July. Whether you’re going to the beach, the lake or a barbecue, we want to know! What are you doing this Independence Day?

Comment below and share your July 4th celebration!

Have a great Holiday!

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  1. I went to the lake with my husband and kids. We had a picnic and the boys went fishing with their dad. Happy Fourth of July as well to everyone!!

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    1. That sounds like a very relaxing day! I’m sure that your family had a blast, and it’s always great when the family can get together!



  2. I went cherries picking fell off a ladder and now have a broken leg with a shattered leg looking out the window thinking I must get myself out of hete

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  3. As much as I love the beach on July 4th, I’m staying home to comfort our dog who has a difficult time dealing with fireworks. Grilling on deck then sitting indoors with our dog is our plan. She’s worth it! Happy 4th everyone!!

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    1. My dog hates fire works I do to in a different way the smoke is a killer for breathing best of luck

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